Yoga with Mina

‘‘My teaching and practice of Yoga and Mindfulness is about awakening to the unified sense of our whole being -body, mind, spirit. It is about listening inside, gradually realizing that wholeness can only be retrieved by identifying and letting go of unnecessary holding on. If you can stop straining you might discover that inside the tense unbalanced body there is a sensible body, which can be effortlessly at ease with the energy flowing freely and the mind becoming calm. In the midst of the storm there is stillness where we can experience our presence.’’

Mina has been teaching yoga for over 30 years. She was a student and friend of R.D.Laing, psychiatrist, poet, musician and spiritual teacher who initiated her on the path of awareness through the practice of Yoga and mindfulness. This, combined with an insistence of finding her authentic voice through the study of singing and sound, has led to her unique style of teaching.


  • ‘The Distracted Centipede – a Yoga Experience’


  • ‘Yoga Stories for Healthy Living’.  



Mina appeared in the BBC television series and the book ‘Every Body Knows’ and the Yoga book ‘Body Life’ written by her ex-husband Arthur Balaskas.


Mina leads a number of weekly classes, donation based. If you are interested in attending a class (currently via Zoom) please contact Mina using the form at the bottom of the page.