• Mina Semyon

You can't let go of what you are not aware of

"To talk about your trauma is not enough, even to a nice chap like me'",

that's how Ronnie Laing introduced me to Yoga in 1969. It had a profound effect on my subsequent approach to practise and teaching. Psychotherapy and being listened to and acknowledged, however profoundly, was not enough to change deeply ingrained habits of mind and body and to heal the wounds. It is a start but a discipline is needed to get in touch with the old restrictive patterns in mind and body and gradually learn to live without them. You can't let go of what you are not aware of. Practice of Yoga and Mindfulness became this discipline for me.

'In her teaching Mina combines physical precision with lightheartedness and a great sense of humour' G. (student) It's true! :-)


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