• Mina Semyon

Why is my Yoga book called ‘The Distracted Centipede’?

It was inspired by the anonymous ditty:

‘The centipede was happy quite until a toad in fun said:’Pray, which leg comes after which?’

The centipede is 'programmed' to be a centipede; it simply can't deviate or go astray. It doesn't need workshops on how to deal with the complexity of all its left, provided that it doesn't get distracted by a toad. Human beings do get distracted, therefore more can go wrong with the human being than the centipede. By becoming distracted we become fragmented and lose the sense of our unified being.

To live in that place of deep connectedness requires being present and aware at every moment. Of all living creates, only human beings resist and deny the need for being present and aware.

The body doesn't need our interference; it is a unified system to which we can safely surrender if we let go of holding on for dear life.


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