• Mina Semyon

What does it mean - to relax?

What does it mean – to relax; to be ‘relaxed’?

relaxed: free from tension and anxiety; at ease. (New Oxford Dictionary)

ease: in Latin, means elbows akimbo, having elbowroom.

Oh, to be at ease!

To relax consciously we need first to become aware of and acknowledge that we are not relaxed.

Ease comes from being grounded, with the mind, body and breath balanced and in tune. Anxiety is the result of cutting off feelings in the present moment.

Suppressed feelings and emotions create tension that can lead to mental imbalance and physical dis-ease.

Most of the time we don't realise that we are suppressing our feelings. But if we get into the habit of paying attention to them, acknowledging and releasing them, and at the same time connecting to our breathing, we could heal ourselves before a physical or emotional crisis develops.

For me the only time I can say I am truly relaxed and not a danger to myself or others is when I am in a state of acceptance, even acceptance of my non-acceptance.


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