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Flowing Like A River

Mama Kira asked Grandma Mina, ‘Can you have Alexi on Tuesday evening because I want to go to Yoga? Oh, and Harriett said that he can play w

18th July 2017

Walking on Primrose Hill doing my singing exercises from a lesson with Mr G, recorded on my phone, a man with a long white beard driving...

You can't let go of what you are not aware of

"To talk about your trauma is not enough, even to a nice chap like me'", that's how Ronnie Laing introduced me to Yoga in 1969. It had a...

My Singing Teachers

I heard about Maestro George Cunelli from Jan Ward, who was also in therapy with RD Laing and was married to Justin De Villeneuve,...

Let’s celebrate old age!

'Ten thousand flowers in spring the moon in autumn a cool breeze in summer snow in winter If your mind isn't clouded by unnecessary...